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21 March 1971
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Married mom of 2, full-time nurse, I love to read and write fanfiction. I wish I had the talent for fanart, but since I don't I just enjoy other people's gorgeous work.

I now have another journal lm_originalfic for my original works of writing, etc.

If you friend me, I'll probably friend you back. I'm chatty and love to send and receive comments. I gush over what I think is great work, writing or art, and try not to be overly critical if I'm not satisfied.

I write both original and fanfic and do my damnedest to hold no prejudices or subscribe to stereotypes.

I suppose you could call me Bi-sexual as I dated both men and women before getting married.

Love and affection should be just that, no matter what race, gender, religion, etc, but it's never that simple, is it?

I am LilyMoon and LilyMoonsAlias because there's two sides to every coin.

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