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Header Post!!

This journal contain fanfiction, fanart, and the highs and lows of my daily life. Please mind the ratings of anything you choose to read. Other than that...Welcome!

8-11-08 Edit: Any personal posts after today will be f-locked. All fic will remain open to everyone. If you're really interested in my sometimes boring daily life just drop a comment to be added. Otherwise, please, enjoy my fic scribblings.

Fanfiction Archive


I've Got Your Back Implied Wolfwood/Vash, PG

Multichapter fics

Hazard Pay Reno/Cloud, NC-17

Aftertaste of Ashes Reno/Cloud, Rude/Vincent, NC-17

The FFVII One-Shots

In From the Snow Rude/Vincent, NC-17
Nightmare Reno/Cloud, PG-13
A Day of Rest Reno/Cloud, NC-17
Little Steps Sephiroth/Cloud, PG
High Fashion Reno/Cloud, NC-17
Misuse of Company Property Rude/Reno, NC-17
Double the Pleasure Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, NC-17
Accept No Substitute Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, NC-17

Trioverse Timeline

Isoceles Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17
Another Lesson in Love and Trust Zack/Reno/Cloud, PG-13
Sanctuary Zack/Reno/Cloud, PG-13
Double Jeopardy Zack/Reno/Cloud, PG-13
News to Celebrate Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17
The Next Level Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17
Dreams and Hopes Zack/Reno/Cloud, PG-13
Smiles and Worries Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17
A Day Off Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17
Going It Alone Zack/Reno/Cloud, NC-17

Weiss Kreuz
Multichapter fics

It's All Relative Crawford/Aya, Yohji/Schuldig, NC-17

The WK One-Shots

Day and Night Yohji/Aya, PG
Surrender Crawford/Schuldig, PG-13
The Smudge Schwarz, G
Dancing With Eyes Closed Schuldig/Yohji, PG
An Assassination of a Different Sort Schuldig/Yohji, NC-17
Check Schuldig/Yohji, PG-13
After Hours Schuldig/Yohji, NC-17
Question Schuldig/Yohji, NC-17
We All Fall Down Crawford/Schuldig, PG
Not Tonight Crawford/Aya, PG


Stand Up and Step Forward No Pairing, PG

I may not be here much...

but I didn't appreciate receiving a notification that one of my journals was deleted. Sheesh, LJ, what gives?

Curiousity killed the cat.

I'm wondering if anyone still reads this journal or the writings within? Yes, I've been mostly absent for a few years now...only reading and never commenting or posting. I guess I just don't want to fade away when I once used to enjoy writing and interacting with the great people on here so much.

Yay, finally, an AO3 account!

As of today I finally got an AO3 account. If anyone is still interested in my writing I will be uploading all my works there. While I am attempting to get back into a writing groove I'm going to be taking several of my existing fics and editting them, adding or subtracting material, until I am happier with them before I upload them to AO3. Lately I've been very unhappy with some of the things I created years ago and I'm going to take the opportunity to hopefully improve them.

My username there is LilyMoonsAlias.

Love, Lily


Oct. 29th, 2012

Hoping for the safety of everyone I know on the East Coast...be smart, be safe. ~_^.
Despite real life being a ruthlessly busy bitch as usual...story writing is happening. I'm almost done with my auction fic. I hope the winning bidder will be happy with what I've created. ~_^.

My part for Japan

I've offered my writing for help_japan . Below is the link. I've been on hiatus for quite a long time, but I, like everyone else, want to do all I can to help our friends in Japan. Bid generously, and I promise to deliver something quality that will be worthy of your generosity. ~_^.



Hello friends

Many things going on here are forcing me to take a hiatus from having any internet presence. I can't honestly say when I'll be back around, just that it will eventually happen. I hope everyone on my f-list will have happiness and joy in the meantime.

Until later,

Love ya!

More music

German band this time, Nu Pagadi. The song is Long Way, and is half in German, half in English.


One more music post

This is last year's big hit by Super Junior, "Sorry, Sorry". This one, performed live in Japan last year, is my favorite version. Enjoy! Yes, when I get caught by something...I'm caught good.

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